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Over 2,000 Distribution Channels With the Net Program

CentREZ Net Rate Program is the most cost efficient way to manage discounted room inventory and increase brand awareness through a wide distribution network. You control price-points in order to maintain brand integrity and yield manage at any time, either during reduced occupancy or increased price competition, you adjust rates accordingly via the CentREZ Property Administration System or your own CRS.


We will sell your rooms over the expansive CentREZ Internet distribution network, over 2,000 websites, including AOL, Yahoo! and, which books over 100,000 room nights every month. Through the CentREZ Net Rate Program, your hotel will have access to proven channels to move distressed inventory. Every month your hotel will be marketed to millions of travel consumers previously beyond your reach. Below is a sampling of our network.

CentREZ Network

CentREZ properties are featured on more than 2,000 leading consumer Web sites, bookable by 450,000 travel agents through leading global distribution systems and included on worldwide call centers.



In addition, we have partnerships with over 120 Convention and Visitors Bureaus, over 40 State Hotel and Lodging Associations and over 30 State Tourism Authorities.





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