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Our travel agent commission payment program utilizes PEROT SYSTEMS Commission Processing, a trusted leader in the travel industry, and allows the hotel whether it is in New York or Marrakech to pay commissions on those reservations they receive electronically as well as those made directly through the hotel. This program simplifies the payment process, reduces hotel workload, and aides in increasing customer satisfaction.

Through our site we provide an online travel agent commissions report form that can be completed and securely submitted to complete payment. It allows you to update all no shows and cancellations, for a more accurate commissions report. By utilizing this regular, on-time, accurate payment method, you reward the Travel agents that bring your hotel business.

Additional benefits:


Convenient and easy to use with just one monthly payment.


Consolidated travel agent payments into the agentís local currency.


Cost effectiveness, eliminating the need to pay outrageous bank fees.


Monthly report of payments and activity.


Reliable service that is trusted by travel agents worldwide.

Commission Payment Program...

CentREZ, in conjunction with PEROT SYSTEMS, a trusted leader in the travel industry, provides its hotel members with an easy to use total commission settlement process. The CentREZ Commission Payment Program allows member hotels to pay commissions on reservations received electronically as well as those made directly through the hotel.

Through the CentREZ Data Hub, member hotels can access their property's travel agent commission report and update the reservations information with no-shows and cancellations.

The CentREZ Commission Process Program:


Simplifies the payment process and reduces workload at your hotel.


Is a convenient and easy to use process for your hotel. Since your property will issue only one check for all travel agency commissions, you will see and immediate reduction in accounting workload.


Is cost effective. You will also see a significant reduction in your bank fees related to check issuance and currency conversion.


Provides your hotel with a monthly report of payments and activity.


Provides Travel Agents with timely payment and a consolidated check in their local currency, which in turn creates a positive impression of your hotel.


The PEROT SYSTEMS Commission Program is a reliable service that is trusted by travel agents worldwide.


This will facilitate the maintenance and recognition of travel and other sales agencies for your property.

Effective tracking of each guest as well as each individual agent within an agency is recorded as an audit trail for the productivity.

We use PEROT SYSTEMS' state of the art Technology to provide you with the best solutions to your commission processing.


PEROT SYSTEMS has demonstrated effective cost oriented solutions to all your commissioning needs.



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