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Travel Agents - Book online and receive automated Commission Checks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a member of IATA?
No, but you must be a bona fide travel agent and provide the documentation above.

Is there a charge to join TravelLink?

What is the percentage of commission?
Commissions are paid at 5% of the gross rent. Gross rent does not include taxes, reservation fees, cleaning, trip insurance, etc.

How do I receive commission checks?
Funds are disbursed to Travel Agents at the same time they are disbursed to our property owners and to CentREZ, typically 7 to 21 days after arrival.

Do I have to use TravelLink in order to receive commission?
No, but we encourage you to book online. Travel agent reservations made by our reservation staff may incur additional fees.

Where is the reservation confirmation sent to?
Reservation confirmations are immediately emailed to the email address provided during the reservation process. Payments are processed on a secure server. In order for the credit card to be approved, the credit card name must match with the customer name, address and zip code. All future communication will be made with the contact information provided by you during the online reservation process. You may provide us with your telephone contact and email during the online reservation process and we will therefore contact you to complete the reservation process.

How is Security Deposit collected?
Security deposits are due in the form of Check or cash within 10 days of booking. If the arrival date is within 10 days of the booking date, deposit must be made in the form of cash, cashiers check or money order upon check in.

Can my customer pay via wire transfer?
Yes, wire transfer instructions can be email to you on request.


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